Why I Am Not Anti-Boyfriend – And the President Is Not Anti-Business

My daughter just turned sixteen last week. And to make matters worse, she’s got The Boyfriend. The first serious Boyfriend. This is a tough thing to deal with when you’re a dad.

And it’s not that I don’t like the young man. And no, I’m not nervous that she’s a 10th grader and he’s a senior. Or that he drives a convertible Mustang. Or that he has a tattoo of a dragon on his back. I’m not against my daughter going out with boys. It’s just that I’ve never had this experience before.

Now I know how the President feels. Particularly when it comes to the economy. Is President Obama anti-business? Writing as a small business owner and (hold on to your hats) a Republican I say: of course not. No more than I’m anti-Boyfriend.

The President’s no dummy. He’s smart enough to know the importance of this country’s business community. Just like I’m smart enough to know that my daughter is growing up and The Boyfriend is a completely natural part of a teenager’s life. He’s smart enough to know that without a good economy his Presidency will be in jeopardy. I’m smart enough to know never to leave two teenagers of the opposite sex alone in the house for more than five minutes at a time. He’s smart enough to realize that to have a good economy he needs to create an environment for businesses to grow, profit and hire more people. And I’m smart enough to not be fooled every time The Boyfriend calls me “Mr. Marks” and answers every question with “Yes sir.”

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