Customer Plus Service Equals Profits

Before we discuss customer service in this article, let’s first address the essential purpose of business. Admittedly, for most people the purpose of business is to make money. In fact, this assertion is validated by the renowned economist Milton Friedman, who observed that the only purpose of business was to maximize profits for its owners. While this may be the first interpretation for many, I am of the unequivocal belief that there must be a dramatic paradigm shift in business for those within it to be both competitive and profitable. As opposed to that outdated and purely monetary function of a business,

I would like to humbly suggest a different purpose: to add value to the lives of our customers through the time that we save them, the money that we help them to keep, or the use of our product or service to make their lives easier or better. By setting out to sincerely add value to our customers’ lives we will invariably make money. To do this consistently and effectively, we must be clear about our purpose in order to make proper decisions within our sales and customer service efforts. In this article, I’d like to suggest some ideas on how we can better service our customers and in return make more money than we ever dreamed of, while building lasting relationships that may continue for generations to come.

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