For satisfactory customer service

to happen, the service team must be equipped with the right and up-to-date information to service their customers effectively. All kinds of information can be forwarded to the service team to be equipped with more knowledge on the task or insight on the customer; asset information and work histories can be forwarded to help service teams make the better analysis and solution proposal to the customer immediately on site to secure the job.

The service team can plan and schedule the assigned tasks immediately once the jobs are forwarded onto their mobile devices; this helps improves any customer booking appointments via the first contact. The right built-in workflow management software with workforce scheduling feature allows the service team to be more efficient in their job planning and scheduling.

Every appointment is optimized for the best results with the right service team assigned to the right job using the right resource kit. Lines of communication are enhanced between call centers and mobile workforce as well as with customers with a fully integrated service management system through mobile devices.

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