Best Guide in Buying Adirondack Chair Covers

The Adirondack chair is one of a few pieces of furniture whose function is clearly identifiable as being for outside use. Over the years, it has become a prominent fixture in every homeowner’s garden, patio, or front porch. It is because of the fact that it is intended for use in the outdoors that homeowners should take the responsibility to see to the proper maintenance of their Adirondack chairs. One way to protect these types of furniture from the elements is by using these chair covers.

Unlike indoor furniture that are relatively sheltered inside the home, outdoor furniture like Adirondack chairs are exposed to damaging environmental factors. These will include bright sunlight and heat, heavy rains, climate and temperature fluctuations. No matter what materials it is manufactured from, the elements will in time wreak its toll. As an example, plastic furniture becomes brittle and distorted with constant exposure to sunlight and heat. On the other hand, wood – being water absorbent – undergoes expansion during rains and contraction in heat, resulting in warping. Whether your Adirondack chair is crafted from wood, metal or plastic, you need to protect it from potentially damaging environmental factors by using chair covers for these type of chairs.

The prices of these chair covers will depend upon the materials it is made from as well as added features. The covers that are in common use are manufactured from heavy gauge vinyl with a lining of polyurethane. More expensive Adirondack covers have been waterproofed as well as treated with a UV resistant protective solution. For a good fit around the chair, the edges of the cover are sewn tightly together. The cover itself is held in place by ties and eyelets or Velcro straps.

These chair covers come in two types. The first type is particularly fitted over individual chairs. These chair covers can be purchased as singles or as a set. The second type is the combination cover. Much larger and bulkier than the individual Adirondack chair covers, combination covers can protect several chairs at once. Your choice of a cover type will depend upon your needs and budget.

However, chair covers are not enough to protect your Adirondack chairs. With constant environmental exposure, even the covers will eventually degrade, and could even affect the chair underneath it. So other protective measures need to be taken. In the case of steel Adirondack chairs, they should be treated with water repellent to prevent rusting. Wooden Adirondack chairs will benefit from regular oiling, again, to repel water from heavy rains. Finally, when it comes to plastic chairs, they should be kept in the shade when not in use to minimize sun and heat exposure.

To give your outdoor chairs the added protection from the elements, buy Adirondack chair covers. By doing so, you are preserving the investments you have made in good outdoor furniture.

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