Used Office Chairs

Used office chairs can in some cases be a surprisingly good option even from a long-term quality stand point. High quality ergonomic tend to be constructed very sturdily. Many ship with a warranty of 10 years or more, and some models are known to last well beyond this period.

Of course, there are some issues that you’ll need to be aware of when shopping for used office chairs in order to ensure that you’re getting a good deal and that your investment will provide you with appropriate comfort, quality, and durability.

Benefits of ergonomic office chairs

If you’re trying to decide between going with new, low-cost office chairs (meaning one that isn’t ergonomically designed) and used office chairs with ergonomic credentials, we strongly recommend going with the ergonomic option. Non-ergonomic chairs are, simply put, not worth having. They don’t do anything to maintain the health and physical condition of the people who sit in them, whereas ergonomic chairs actually work to prevent and relieve pain and maintain healthy breathing, posture, and circulation. Ergonomic chairs allow you to be healthier and more productive over the long term.

What to look for

The elements you’ll want to look for in used office chairs are largely the same as what you would want from a new ergonomic office chair. We feel that the most important thing for an ergonomic chair to have is a high number of adjustable parts; the more adjustable a chair is, the more ergonomic it is. This is because adjustability is the key to ensuring that the user is able to get that perfect fit from the chair, and the perfect fit is what will work to prevent discomfort and fatigue and provide all the aforementioned benefits.

A sturdy, steel base is especially important when looking for used office chairs. As is the case when buying any used item, it’s probably most practical to assume that it’s really been put through the ringer by its previous owner or owners. Having the materials and build quality to last through heavy duty use is always a good sign, and it’s pretty much a must if you’re buying used office chairs.

When in doubt, you can always maximize your chances of satisfaction by going with a trusted name. If you’re able to get a good deal on a used Steelcase Leap or Herman Miller Embody, for example, then you really can’t go wrong. These models are known to both provide superior comfort and support, and last a very long time.

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