Why Do I Have to Make My Blog an Authority Site?

Building an authority status for yourself, your business, or your blog site can take a lot of time. If you cannot succeed in building an authority site with all the traffic you could ever want, in any niche you want, then it won’t be because the information was not there. Another example is to earn a reputation in a certain field by building an authority through services such as Yahoo answer. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of building an authority blog site. The first area we will concentrate on is how to building an authority site for your business and all the tools and resources to create it so that you will get maximum exposure for your industry.


We are building a long-term, authority site, so you better make sure that your domain name is brandable. The next piece of the puzzle is the blog site’s design. On the web, I noticed that finding a successful blog site in my niche with a lot of traffic is very much like finding a predator kill in the wild.


Authority sites come into being because they deliver great content that people have demonstrated they want, and they make money by covering topics that can be supported by (among other things) lucrative affiliate programs. While this article discussed laying the basic groundwork for your authority affiliate site, the next article will talk specifically about building various types of landing pages. Make Your Blog an Authority Site. If you’ve been involved in any type of Internet marketing the last year or so, then you have heard how authority sites are taking the place of spam sites for a business model. An authority blog can have advertising and such, this is a spectrum not n either/or, but the best performing directly monetized blogs and sites will have aspects about them that reduce their authority appeal. Once you build a thriving community, you will truly have an authority site.


Once you start receiving the initial content for your authority affiliate site, it is time to begin using that content to form landing pages. These initial batches of content do not need to be informational (unless you want to spend some extra money up front), but instead, should be sales content for your landing pages. The reason we are only creating landing page content at this point is that our main goal is to generate a positive cash flow and then use those profits to fuel further development. Authority blog sites, on the other hand, usually provide content in the form of articles, news, blogs, etc.

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