Write About Real Life Experiences

Building a relationship with your readers is important because it turns readers into customers. When they feel that they know you, they will be more confident and likely to purchase from you in the future. Make them like you and create a relationship with your readers by telling them about your real life experiences.

Use daily events to influence how you deliver information. For example, if your niche is dog training and yesterday your dog did something really cool like came to you when you called him, talk about that event in your blog post. Relate the experience you just had with your dog to a specific niche-related technique

And remember, just because you think the information you know may be basic doesn’t mean your readers will…you are the expert after all!

Step 3: Use Simple Yet POWERFUL Technical Components

Okay, so I am sure that you know that there are lots of different technical tricks you can use to leverage your blog for search engines and to increase your “click-through” rate. Many involve HTML code writing or crafty tricks that you practically need a degree from MIT to do.

However, there is hope for those of us who are not technical geniuses.

First, keep your blog post to 300-400 words (This is another thing I bet you wish you heard in high school).

In this case, less is more!

By keeping your post short and sweet (and remember, funny too), you will engage your readers and they will not be annoyed or overwhelmed by your lengthy monologue.

Second, attract search engines to your blog by keeping your key word density level at approx. 2.0. Now, don’t get scared if you don’t know what “key word density” is. All it means is that out of the 300-400 words in your blog post, 6-8 of the words should be your key word(s). Using the example above, “dog training” could be a key word and should appear 6-8 times in each blog post.

Blog writing can be a lot of fun and is a really important part of

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