Tips to Make Your Swimming Pool Filters Last Longer

Do you have a backyard pool? Do you love swimming more than anything else? It is very important to clean your pool at regular intervals to avoid any health hazards. Swimming pool filters are a great way to filter the dust particles and clean your pool. Cartridges form the most important component of pool filters. Replacing cartridges for your pool filters is a costly affair. It claims the major chunk of your swimming pool maintenance cost. Cartridges of a filter is expensive, so you should try to handle it with great care to make it last longer. A good cartridge ensures better performance of a filter. A normal cartridge has an average longevity of 3-4 years. There are numerous factors which decide the longevity of a filter cartridge. Some of them are surrounding environment, frequency of usage of your pool, and regularity of maintenance of your pool.

Indicator: You should be aware of the indicators for changing cartridges of your filter. The most common indicator is pressure indicator. The indicator is placed at the outer surface of filter housing. The pressure gauge indicates the optimum pressure which should be set for a pool. When you are purchasing or servicing a filter, make sure it has the capacity to go over the suggested pressure.

Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning of cartridges ensures its longevity. This would also help to avoid early replacement of cartridges which is a costly affair. Set a periodic clean-up plan and note down the pressure after each cleaning. You need to observe the pressure gauge after each cleaning. When the pressure indicator reads 7-10 psi, it is time to clean the cartridge again.

Avoid damage: Using stiff and hard brushes to clean pool filters and cartridges is not recommended during cleaning as it might damage the device. You can use a typical garden hose pipe, preferably with spray nozzles to clean cartridges.

Use two set of cartridges: You can increase the life expectancy of cartridges by using 2 sets of it, alternatively. You should clear dirty cartridges regularly and store them in a safe and dry place enhance their performance.

Balance: Balance in water level: There should be a balance in your pool water. Unbalanced level of water can cause damage to your filter cartridges.

A well maintained filter with cartridge is a prerequisite for a clean and healthy swimming pool. is a one stop shop for finest pool filters along with cartridges at an attractive price clean pool filter.

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