Security Measures To Keep Conference Crashers Away

Putting together a successful conference is no easy task. You have to find speakers, brief them about the event, find a venue, organize the conference materials, ensure that food and drink services are top notch, among many other things. With all the stress, the last thing that you need is conference crushers that not only put a strain on your budget, but also cause confusion as they keep wandering around.

Types of conference crashers

There are three main types of conference crashers that you can have in your event: moochers, suitcasers and outboarders. Moochers are those that attend the conference simply to get free food, drinks or listen to a high-profile speaker.

A suitcaser is a person who attends the conference in order to market or sell his/her products and services. This person doesn’t exhibit, but markets or sells his/her products and/or services to a legitimate attendee.

According to the international association of exhibitions and events, an outboarder is an individual who exhibits his/her products at conferences without the authority of the conference organizers.

To avoid the inconvenience that comes with crashers in your conference, you should prevent them from attending in the first place. This calls for you to put security measures in place.

Security measures to keep conference crashers away

Some of the measures that you can put into place include:

Using scannable badges: Wristbands, hand stamps, and tickets are easy to fake for anyone with basic skills. To keep the crashers away use technology. Create personalized badges for every guest that will be attending the event. By personalizing the badges you give a specific code to every guest. This allows you to scan the badges using, RFID, QR code, or magnetic stripe technology. The codes are reliable and easily scannable using smartphones. They are also difficult to copy unless the crasher is serious of attending the event.

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